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Amy Hicks works with video, film, and still photography to translate contemporary culture into absurd, humorous, or fantastical experiences. Treading a fine line amid cinema, science fiction, fantasy, and structural video art, her combination analog-digital productions are explorations of imagination and the commonplace. Recent projects use television, commercials, mass-produced commodities, and transportation as subjects to explore present-day technologies, their impact on daily life, and how consistent use of such tools alters perceptions of past and future human behavior.

Her award-winning films and videos have appeared internationally at the Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Pacific Film Archive, Henry Art Museum, New Langton Arts, the Big Muddy Film Festival, Ladyfest Bay Area, Artists’ Television Access, Antimatter Festival of Underground Short Film & Video, Women in the Director’s Chair, diRosa Preserve: Art and Nature, San Francisco Art Commission, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Francisco International Film Festival, and Southern Exposure among others. She is a Film Arts Foundation Robin Eickman Fiction Shorts recipient and was awarded a Jack and Gertrude Murphy Fine Arts Fellowship. She received her MFA from Stanford University in 2005 and is affiliated with the Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco.