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The following editions and box sets are currently available for purchase and are on view at Southern Exposure. Please contact us at 415-863-2141 for more information, or email Proceeds from the sale of these editions provide direct support for Southern Exposure’s Exhibitions and Artists in Education Programs.


01-Allison Smith

The Cries of San Francisco

Allison Smith
The Cries of San Francisco, 2011
Etching with hand-painted watercolor, 24 x 32 inches
Edition of 15
Opening Price (until October 1, 2011): $1250
Regular Price: $1500

Edition Varié

With Special Thanks to Paulson Bott Press, Haines Gallery, and Smith Andersen North

This limited edition etching was produced as a result of the public art event and exhibition The Cries of San Francisco at Southern Exposure from May 20 to July 2, 2011.

The Cries of San Francisco was a project by Allison Smith in collaboration with Southern Exposure that invoked the historic tradition of street peddlers hawking their wares with melodic songs and calls. The project took the form of a public art event centered around Mint Plaza, a sculptural installation and a series of events at Southern Exposure, and a forthcoming publication chronicling the project.

Hand-painted engravings of street peddlers first appeared in Paris in 1500. In the tradition of these depictions of working class European city dwellers, Allison Smith has created individual portraits of the contemporary street sellers that participated in The Cries of San Francisco. Emulating the style of a Renaissance-era broadsheet panel of etchings, each etching includes hand-colored portraits of street hawkers involved in the project.

Smith has produced solo exhibitions for Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, Berkeley Art Museum, and Indianapolis Museum of Art, and has contributed her work to major museum surveys at Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Andy Warhol Museum, P.S.1 MoMA, Palais de Tokyo, The Mattress Factory, and others. Smith is on the Sculpture and Graduate Fine Arts faculty at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.




02- Castaneda/Reiman

untitled, 2008

untitled, 2008
8” x 22”
Edition of 10, Edition Varie
Signed and numbered by the artists

Image is 2 editions installed side by side

Beginning with an original form reminiscent of a traditional wallpaper border, artists Castaneda/Reiman have created an exclusive edition for Southern Exposure. Created on sheetrock and mounted on plywood with layers of pigmented drywall mud. Each unique edition is divided from one continuous landscape


03- Jason Munn

SoEx Grand Opening Limited Edition Poster

A new Southern Exposure limited edition poster by Jason Munn of The Small Stakes.

Limited Edition Screen Print
Edition of 300


04- Flipbooks by Jim Campbell, The Cause Collective and Amy Hicks

Edition of 100 $35

As part of Optic Illusion: Southern Exposure’s Annual Auction and Spring Fundraiser, Southern Exposure called upon artists Jim Campbell, Amy Hicks and the artist group, The Cause Collective to reinvent their work in the form of a flip book. The result is a series of three unique books of images that move right off the page.

The limited edition flipbooks are sold as a series of three flipbooks, one from each artist. Don’t miss the opportunity to have these treasures in the palm of your hand!

The flip books were produced with support from


05- Rebar Group

Rebar Brand Canned Gallery Space, Southern Exposure, 2006

Tin can, Southern Exposure gallery wall, mineral oil
Edition of 300

In response to the concept of "Between the Walls" the final exhibition in 2006 before Southern Exposure temporarily moved for seismic retrofitting and renovation and in celebration of Southern Exposure’s rich 32 year history in its space, open source artist collective, Rebar, created EnCanment - a temporary canning operation that harvested, processed and canned the gallery itself. Rebar systematically mapped and cored sections of the gallery wall and canned the cores in metal cans, on-site during the opening and closing night events. The cans were then labeled and numbered and are available for sale. By purchasing a can of Southern Exposure, you will become part owner of the gallery itself.


06- Michael Arcega

Theirs and Arse, 2006

Michael Arcega
Theirs and Arse, 2006
Hand colored etching 20” x 12”
Edition of 20, Edition Varie

Through other projects that explore implements of control and working with medieval icons, Michael Arcega came to realize that cartography was one of the most powerful tools of domination. Maps allowed the powerful states and nations to be able to divide the globe at their will regardless of the populations that dwell in those lands. Arcega’s hand colored etching, "Theirs and Arse" (Arse is a clever play on the word, Ours) exaggerates and satirizes the arbitrary borders and names that have been drawn since the early days of cartography.

Special Thanks to Kala Art Institute for helping to produce this edition.
Special thanks also to Heather Marx Gallery.


07- Stephanie Syjuco

Future Shock Nesting Boxes, 2005

Archival inks laminated on board
Edition of 20, Signed and numbered by the artist

San Francisco based artist Stephanie Syjuco– whose work exists at the intersection of culture, nature, tradition, and technology– has created an edition exclusively for Southern Exposure.

Nesting boxes. Largest box dimension: 18" x 9" x 4". Represented are: boombox, 8-track player, 4-track mixer/recorder, answering machine, transistor radio, and microcassette recorder/player.

Special Thanks to Trillium Press for generously publishing this edition.


08- Southern Exposure's 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set

Southern Exposure's 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set

In celebration of its 30th Anniversary, Southern Exposure presents the 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set, a remarkable collection of new work created by prominent and emerging Bay Area artists Libby Black, Amy Franceschini and Michael Swaine, Todd Hido, Suzanne Husky, Sean McFarland, Abner Nolan, Nigel Poor, Tony Tredway and Jennifer Wofford.

09- Julio Cesar Morales

Eruption 78-04, 2004

Julio Cesar Morales
Eruption 78-04, 2004
Digital image on acid-free paper and permanent pigment inks, 10"x24"
Edition of 20

In this limited edition by artist Julio Cesar Morales, the artist replaces the sound waves from Eddie Van Halen's seminal guitar solo in his 1978 song, Eruption, with a crowd entangled in a heavy metal frenzy. Morales considered this work to be a non-nostalgic exploration of his own heavy metal roots. The image reconsiders the collective behaviors of crowds, both ritualistic and revolutionary in this contemporary milieu.

Special thanks to the Blow Up Lab for co-producing the limited edition with Southern Exposure and Julio Morales.