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Jeannene Przyblyski, Bureau of Urban Secrets

June 1-30, 2007

June 1 - 30, 2007 (in gallery)
June 1 - July 31, 2007 (on the web)

Jeannene Przyblyski and the San Francisco Bureau of Urban Secrets have produced Comings & Goings: 2 Backwards Journeys thru Lands End, a site-specific time traveling project investigating the histories of habitation and conquest, militarization and recreation, and geological and ecological change at the western-most edge of San Francisco. Following the Coastal Trail from Sutro Baths to Sea Cliff—and back again—participants can retrace the Bureau’s steps, equipped with an audio podcast and reversible wayfinding guide.* The point of embarkation (Sutro Baths to Sea Cliff or Sea Cliff to Sutro Baths) subtly reshuffles the story line, reveling in the sensation of history doubling back on itself to color the present with a past that constantly shifts—like the ground beneath your feet.

* The audio podcast is downloadable from the Southern Exposure website, or available as a cd-rom on request from SoEx. The wayfinding guide is available at the Gallery.